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Een (kleine) opbergdoos.

De term ‘Tacklebox’ kan verschillende betekenissen hebben, maar in countrysongs wordt hiermee meestal de doos bedoeld waarin vissers hun dobbers, lijnen en andere (klein)materiaal opbergen.

Voorbeelden hiervan zijn onder andere:

Luke Bryan | "Tacklebox"

It was two shades of brown and scratched up plastic
It held extra line, lures, hooks, and matches

Eric Church | "Three Year Old"

Use every crayon color that you’ve got
A fishing pole sinks faster than a tackle box
Nothing turns a day around like licking a mixing bowl
I learned that from a three year old

Garth Brooks | "Fish"

I took a short vacation
To the Gulf of Mexico
Everyday I’d see this fellow
With his tackle box and pole
And he’d fish
And he’d fish
All day long

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