De term ‘Tacklebox’ kan verschillende betekenissen hebben, maar in countrysongs wordt hiermee meestal de doos bedoeld waarin vissers hun dobbers, lijnen en andere (klein)materiaal opbergen.

Voorbeelden hiervan zijn onder andere:

Luke Bryan | "Tacklebox"
It was two shades of brown and scratched up plastic
It held extra line, lures, hooks, and matches
Eric Church | "Three Year Old"
Use every crayon color that you’ve got
A fishing pole sinks faster than a tackle box
Nothing turns a day around like licking a mixing bowl
I learned that from a three year old
Garth Brooks | "Fish"
I took a short vacation
To the Gulf of Mexico
Everyday I’d see this fellow
With his tackle box and pole
And he’d fish
And he’d fish
All day long